Focal – Aria 905 (Walnut)

Price: $999.00 - $599.00

Save $450 and Hear More Detailed Sound with Focal Aria 905 Bookshelf Loudspeakers: Unique Tweeters and Advanced Drivers Play Music With Formidable Musicality, Precision, Confidence The  Focal Aria 905 bookshelf loudspeakers  certainly aren’t the largest or flashiest bookshelf unit on the market. But size and fashion don’t count for much in audio, and the exceptional-value  Aria 905  – available for a limited time for $450 off – excels in the areas that really matter. Specifically, musicality, balance, imaging, and the all-important midrange. Many listeners also crave speakers that perform like champions when placed closer to the walls. Like any loudspeaker, the two-way  Aria 905  functions best when given a little room to breathe, but these compact powerhouses won’t wilt if space constraints dictate they get a bit cozy with your room partitions. Featuring a host of unique materials, technology, and construction that yield countless musical benefits (see detailed list and explanations below),  Aria 905  bedazzles with abundant detail, authoritative control, and timing that Switch watchmakers would prize. Taut, rhythmic, and versatile,  Aria 905  plays every type of music with snap-to-attention precision and noticeable confidence. At the end of the day, however, you’ll likely come back to raving about the imaging and balance – qualities  Aria 905  handles as well as any speaker in its class. It all owes to  Aria 905 ‘s truly distinctive construction, engineering, and materials, including: Inverted Dome Tweeters: The inverted metal-dome tweeter physically matches the wave-launch characteristics of the woofer, improving integration of the two drive units. TNFAl/Mg Tweeter Material: The high-stiffness aluminum-magnesium blend offers excellent transient performance and outstanding damping characteristics that virtually eliminate ringing. CombineUrethane waveguide for improved horizontal directivity and a more precise sound image
Flax bass – midrange cone providing natural midrange and precise bass
TNF Tweeter with Poron suspension
Built-in wall mount for easy installation
Speaker drivers developed and manufactured in France by Focal

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